Dear colleagues!

We wish you a successful start to the new television season and high rates of television premieres. We also want to congratulate the representatives of the telecom industry, who begin their work in the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Wishing you success and positive results!

Very interesting season awaits us in 2019/2020. A new sports channel Setanta Sports HD has already appeared in the monitoring system (its indicators are already available in our August report), as well as preparations are underway to launch the channel from Megogo. The 1 + 1 group took on distribution two more new FILM.UA channels, and Digital Screens was the first in Ukraine to receive an OTT provider license.

On our part, we are pleased to announce that we have also prepared an update for the new season: from September 2019, the BigDate Rating interface has become available in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Each of the BigData Rating users can configure a language that is comfortable for themselves in the Settings section as soon as they log into the system using personal login and password. The system remembers these settings and the next time you log in to the system, all pages will be displayed in the language you have selected.

Four months later, it is planned to encode the satellite signal of the TV channels by all the main media groups in the country. Although, according to the forecasts of our experts, the encoding of a satellite signal will not be a decisive factor for the transfer of a satellite audience to other TV platforms, however, it will be interesting to watch the reaction of the television audience.

By the end of August, there were about 177 thousand respondents in IPTV / OTT panels. The number of contacts with television channels has grown to 7.6 million. Contacts. Overall TV viewing decreased to 3.73%, and the average viewing time was reduced by almost 10 minutes - to 4 hours and 8 minutes.

Dear colleagues!

We remind you that we decided to take the “general amount” of households connected to IPTV/OTT operators and "active" ones (those, watching TV channels) in the last 30 days (instead of 90 days, which were previously considered) starting from July 2019. It will significantly increase the accuracy of the research, in fact, excluding from the general pool the "inactive" households.

These changes will lead to the decrease of the "general amount" and the increase in the relative rates (in %) of all TV channels presented in OTT/IPTV platforms.

We bring to your attention our traditional TV viewing survey for July 2019. Television viewing did not have any significant changes this month, that is usual for a mid-summer period. The off-season lull on television was influenced by the elections to the Ukrainian Parliament, Verkhovna Rada, so the audience paid more attention to the review of political events and discussions, primarily affecting the viewing time of the news channels.

On the beginning of July, there were 165.6 thousand households in the monitoring system. The average viewing time remained virtually unchanged compared to June and amounted to one hour and two minutes.


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