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Soon local elections will take place in Ukraine and we asked ourselves the question: "How do they watch regional channels in Kiev?" It was not by chance that we chose Kiev, because this is the capital and it is here that not only all national channels are present, but also a large number of regional TV channels, including those from Kiev, are represented, the content of which should interest Kievans. After all, local news is always interesting and relevant.

So we chose only residents of Kiev as a target audience and looked at the indicators of television viewing of regional channels by this audience in IPTV / OTT services for the period from September 1 to September 24, 2020.

Dear colleagues!

Congratulations on the start of the Fall TV season and wishing you high ratings and success in your new projects. And in order to have something to compare with, we recorded the TV viewing figures in August, which you can find in our traditional report.

In August, the total TV viewing ratio (TVR%) dropped by 18% to 5.25%, actually returning to the level that was the case in March 2020. Average viewing time in August fell by 38 minutes, or 14%, while average daily reach fell by only 6%. Recall that during April-July 2020, we observed abnormally high rates of television viewing associated with the introduction of quarantine. And the main intrigue will be the behavior of viewers at the beginning of the fall TV season - will viewers be interested in the projects and program grids of the channels enough to exceed the indicators of the "quarantine" period?

Dear colleagues!

We continue to monitor changes in television viewing during quarantine. We currently have data for July, which continue to amaze us all.

Unlike last summer, there is now a higher level of general television viewing. July was no exception - TV viewing this month has increased by 0.35 percentage points. to 6.44. Moreover, the main driver of growth was the average coverage per day, which has increased by 1.64 percentage points to 33.7, while the average viewing time has increased by only 1 minute 40 seconds.

Dear colleagues!

The country is gradually emerging from quarantine and this is a good opportunity to analyze how viewers have behaved for more than two months.

If we analyze the dynamics of general television viewing since the beginning of the year, it is easy to see a significant increase in TVR% during April - May 2020. In April, the average coverage by day has increased to 32.9% and reached a maximum with 34.9% in May. That is, every day during the quarantine IPTV/OTT-services were used by more viewers than even in winter. At the same time, on average scale, viewers has been spending 30 minutes more watching TV than in January-March 2020.


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