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First and foremost, we wish you stay healthy and patient to survive the effects of the Corona Virus epidemic. To diversify the time of forced self-isolation, we offer our latest review on IPTV/OTT viewing for March.

It is clear you have already read the materials on how the quarantine has increased the consumption of traditional TV viewing. The IPTV/OTT viewing has also increased significantly during the second half of March, which was facilitated by the following additional factors:

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As you know, BIG DATA UA is an innovative company providing monitoring services for TV channel ratings among the commercially attractive Ukrainian audience of IPTV and OTT services.

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Obviously, climate change and an abnormally warm February have affected viewers' habits among IPTV / OTT panel users, because otherwise we can't explain the decrease in the overall TV rating by 0.86 percentage points. up to 4.74% or 15% compared to January. The main trigger for the decline was the reduction of the average viewing time by as much as 47.5 minutes, while the average coverage for the day continued to grow (+ 2.3% compared to January).
As of the end of the month, there were more than 465.7 thousand active households in the panel. The group of general viewing channels was able to increase the share of viewing (as some channels did not wait for spring and launched a share of new projects in February), as did the share of children's channels (quarantine in schools) and sports channels (football season resumption). Read more in our report.

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While the television market is actively discussing the results of satellite coding by leading media groups and making assumptions about its results, we are doing our job. Of course, we are very interested in the number of households that choose IPTV / OTT as an alternative to satellite viewing. And we plan to give our expert evaluation on the growth in the number of subscribers of these platforms at the end of the first semester.

Now, we offer you a fresh report on OTT / IPTV viewing by subscribers for January 2020.


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