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Now quarantine in April has already become a habit for our country. However, despite the consumption of TV during the quarantine restrictions, we can note the TV audience begins to adapt to quarantine and finds other sources of entertainment, besides watching TV.

Look for more details in our latest survey for April 2021.

Dear colleagues, congratulations on the arrival of spring!

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We remember the end of winter with a frosty weather, and perhaps that's why most viewers spent more time watching TV. Therefore, according to the results of February, the total TV viewing reached 7.70%, which is an absolute record since January 2020.

As of the end of February, there were 443.9 thousand devices in the IPTV / OTT panel.

The top events of February are an increase in the viewing share of STB channel and a change in the indicators of the news channels group after the disconnection of Channel 112, ZIK and Newsone.

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Dear colleagues!

Finally, we have fixed a bug in the group of the news channels earlier we wrote about, so the viewing share between the channel groups changed also.

Read inside the updated review for January:

So, we remember this January with an extremely long winter vacation - holidays plus a two-week lockdown. This contributed to the growth of TV consumption and, consequently, general television viewing. According to the panel, the total television viewing in January 2021 has increased by 16% compared to December 2020 to 7.13%. The total number of households was over 360 thousand in the panel. At the same time, the average coverage per day has risento 32.1%, and the average viewing time has increased to 5 hours 20 minutes (+ 30 minutes).

If we compare the value of the total television viewing in January last year and now, this year had increased by 27% (TVR% = 5.61% in January 2020 against TVR% = 7.13% in January 2021).

The top event in January is a sharp increase in the number of viewers of the movie channels group.

Also a change of the leader in group of general viewing channels - Channel Ukraine won the first place, have beenreplacing the leader of 2020, channel 1 + 1, on the second. In January, Ukraine has managed to minimize the gap from 1 + 1 on weekdays, and break into the leaders on the weekend.

Read more about the change in TV viewing and viewers' preferences in January 2021 inside the recent review.


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