Glory to Ukraine!

The telecom community in the conditions of war also fights against the invaders, even under fire, providing the population with the opportunity to receive up-to-date information and keep in touch with relatives and beloved ones. The demand for viewing the updating information on television has increased significantly, as concluded with our monitoring data. Thus, total TV viewing has increased by 49 % since February 24 (from 7.67% to 11.41%).

Dear colleagues!

The first month of 2022 seemed quite tense both in the expectations of society (a possible military conflict and the energy crisis) and in the political sphere (the case against Petro Poroshenko). As we expected for increased viewing of the news channels in the first place, but it did not happen. On the contrary, the viewers chose the general viewing and entertainment channels in January. Moreover, in January 2022, we recorded the highest value of total television viewing in the last two years (Tvr % = 8,20%) and the highest rate of average coverage per day (Rch % = 40.42%).

As of the end of January, there were more than 536,000 devices in our IPTV/OTT panel, and to remind that for the second month in a row the panel has been enriched with data on Kyivstar TV users.

Dear colleagues, best wishes You for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Already traditionally, in our review in forward for December, we will tell You the channels have marveled for the best in the end of 2021, and the groups of channels gathered the most wide auditorium for 31 December in 2021. 

But, as known, traditionally, we would like to share with BigData UA achievements in the last year, and plans for 2022 year.

So it be,

  1. In the end, our digital panel has filled with data from Kyivstar ( at least 100 thousand users), and as fortoday we have more than a few but half million users of IPTV/OTT engaged. We still get involved in the whole process, and, at the same time, we are talking about the biggest IPTV / OTT providers of wholeteleOur purpose is to conduct a connection to million of homegrown gathering as a minimum, to show IPTV/OTT as one in Ukraine;   
  2. Pitched in the end of 2021 year,the client list of BigData UA has grown for 19 Telecom Companies & Ad Agensies - 27 Tv Channels have been already using the data by service of BigData UA company for selling ADs Data in IPTV/OTT-households in Ukraine;  
  3. In 2022, the 5th anniversary BigData UA Awards ceremony would be announced, it is our honor to ask for our partners and friends to attend the same time .  

At the end of the IPTV / OTT audience, the panel was filled with more than 538 thousand view attachments. Shouldrespect, the rating of out-of-the-box TV viewing in the pull, on the top of the upcoming year, speeding up and down to 6.21%. Not atrocious to the growth of the average viewing for the day, looking at 30 hilines passed the peek in the pull, with the end of 2021.

And now there are statistics for 31 December 2021.

Dear colleagues!

Our congratulations to all on the upcoming New Year!
May it bring you more achievements and success in business, good health and mood in your families, peace and harmony in our country!
We are sincerely grateful to our partners and customers for their support during 2021, we hope to continue this cooperation in 2022 and beyond!

Happy holidays!


BigData UA team


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