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We wish you to stay healthy, positive with emotions and the embodiment of your most cherished desires in the new year 2021!

Traditionally, we take stock of the past year and talk about our achievements.

In 2020, sales of IPTV/OTT advertising to subscribers of the direction started, and now more than 20 channels are successfully developing this direction and monitoring of ad views and the calculation of potential inventory have already been implemented in Big Data UA software.

Dear colleagues!

While everyone is hesitating whether will be a lockdown or not, we are ready to share with you the data for TV viewing in November. Surprisingly, the overall TV viewing has slightly declined this month, from 5.91% in October to 5.68% in November. The reason is a strong drop in average daily coverage. In November, 29.74% of the audience has watched TV in average per day, which is almost 5 pp. less than a month earlier. However, there was an increase in the average viewing time by 15 minutes, up to 4 hours 35 minutes.

As for the end of November, there were over 460,600 active households measured in the panel.

As expected, the share of general viewing channels has increased in November - top shows are entering the finalstretch and the attention of viewers to them is growing. Quite unexpectedly, the group of movie channels took the second place in the viewing share figures, ahead of sports channels group. Which exactly were able to improve their performance is available to read now in our traditional survey for November.

Dear colleagues!

Inspired by the overall increase in TV viewing in September, we expected this trend to continue in October. However, according to the results of October, the total TV viewing grew by only 0.15 p.p. and reached the level of 5.59%. Average daily reach remained at the level of the previous month, while average viewing time increased by only 8.5 minutes. As by the end of October, the panel had numbered over 461,000 active households.

Despite the lack of significant growth in TV viewing, there were some pretty interesting changes in the  viewer’sbehavior in October. The top channels of the largest group of general viewing channels lost their share, but sports channels on football theme significantly increased their share of viewing. As for the news channels, which should generate heightened interest in the month before the elections, haven not taken the chance and barely improved their audience. Read more about the audience losses and gains in our latest October TV viewing survey.

Dear colleagues!

This year, the first month of fall is interesting to us for two reasons:

How did the channels start in the new TV season?

Did the approaching local elections affect viewers' interest in news channels?

Let's not hide the fact that we expected an increase in TV viewing in September, but already now we can say with confidence that our expectations were not met. Total TV viewing in September amounted to 5.41%, which is only 0.16 pp. above this figure in August. That is, the record of "quarantine" television viewing in March-June of this year has not yet been surpassed. Viewers spend a lot of time outside the home, and even the launch of new television projects did not make them stay on TV anymore. Compared to August, the average viewing time increased by 3 minutes 15 seconds (almost 0:04:00 a day), while the average daily reach increased by only 0.51 p.p. .

As of the end of September, BigData Rating panel had over 423,000 active households.

Although overall TV viewing in September showed only modest growth, this does not mean that there has not been a redistribution of tastes among viewers. Traditionally, the greatest growth was shown by the group of channels of the general viewing genre, but which channels from this group and how much have grown - read in our latest report.


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