Glory to Ukraine! Dear colleagues!

We have already prepared a fresh report for the first month of 2024. At the end of the month, there were more than 231.8 thousand devices in the IPTV / OTT panel. In January, the consumption of TV content increased as expected, as a result of which it increased total TVR %. Among the channel groups, the series and entertainment channel groups showed the greatest growth. The biggest decline in the share is in the group of general viewing channels.

Glory to Ukraine!

We are grateful to the clients of our company who chose us in 2023 and are happy to welcome new partners in 2024. We are glad to announce that to the monitoring of last year, new IPTV / OTT operators joined Big Data. In addition, last year, IPTV / OTT service operators themselves started selling advertising - the pioneers were Megogo and Kyivstar TV, but other market players also launched service. So the Big Data company  has implemented a separate " Inset " module for such players, which allows monitoring exactly those advertisements placed by IPTV / OTT operators themselves (both in real time and over a historical period). Therefore, we invite all interested market participants to cooperate.

Glory to Ukraine! Dear colleagues!

We bring to your attention a fresh review for November. In November, we recorded a significant increase in total television viewing (TVR %) - up to 6.01%. The main driver of growth was an increase in the average viewing time in November immediately by 43 minutes, to 5 hours 26.5 minutes.

At the end of the month, there were more than 355.6 thousand devices in our IPTV / OTT panel.

Glory to Ukraine! Dear colleagues!

We are back with a fresh review for October and good news. In October, data from the Omega TV platform was added to the measurement, and in November we expect the addition of several more OTT/IPTV platforms. Therefore, our measurement base is growing and we continue to work on providing you with relevant and representative data.

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