Glory to Ukraine! Dear colleagues!

By the end of the month in our IPTV/OTT panel, there were more than 353.4 thousand devices, which is 69 thousand less than in July. We must state that after the termination of the provider's activities number of devices in our IPTV/OTT panels decreased by almost 100 thousand.

August results, we record a 10% reduction in total TV viewing from 4.79 p.p. up to 4.33 p.p. (average daily reach (Rch %) decreased by 1% while average watch time lost almost 20 minutes or 9%).


In the TOP on August 10, Novy Channel continues to lead, while channels 1+1 (+13%), 2+2 (+26%) and TET (+22%) showed the largest growth in terms of share.

Now, according to the indicators of channel groups for August. By the end of the month, groups of general viewing and TV series grew the most. The strongest drop in the results of the month is in the group of news channels.

More details in our report.

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We look forward to the end of June in hope the growth trend TV viewing will continue in as months before. However, it did not happen, and we have to state with the beginning of summer general TV viewing slightly sifted. Audiences reduced their average viewing time by 9 minutes, to 3:43 while average daily reach was down 30.29% compared to May. As a result, we have a reduction in total TV viewing by 11%, to 4.69%.

The TOP-10 channels by share, by the drop are channels 1+1 and ICTV, and the biggest growth is in STB and Indigo.

Stand with Ukraine! Dear colleagues!

For the second month, we can see a gradual resumption of TV viewing. Although the general television viewing has not reached pre-war values, it is safe to say the audience is beginning to pay more attention to television.

Glory to Ukraine! Dear colleagues!

As we noted in the last review - the total TV viewing in March was reduced by more than half. April brought new results, and they are quite ambiguous: TV viewing began to grow (from 3.92% to 4.83%), but this increase is primarily due to the growth of average coverage for the day (average daily coverage increased from 23.1% to 29.8%) , ie more than 20%). At the same time, the average viewing time was reduced by 13 minutes to 3 hours 53 minutes, and the number of households with IPTV / OTT viewing decreased by 250 thousand.

That is, we can state the following facts in April:

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